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Barkley Stuart, EVP, Southern Glazer's

Barkley Stuart, EVP, Southern Glazer's

What did you study at Harvard?

I attended several HBS Executive Education programs including Financial Valuation, Families in Business Together, and Owner President Manager (HBS’s Executive MBA program).

Were you involved with any food or wine activities while a student?

I was working in the W&S Industry at Glazer’s while I took the above programs.  My purpose in attending was to become a stronger leader/manager/business person in the Wine & Spirits industry.

Do you think that Harvard has prepared you for a career in food and wine or hospitality in general? If so, how?

Yes, there is not a day that goes by that I do not draw on my experiences at HBS. Whether it might be skills in negotiating, strategy, finance or family business dynamics my experiences were incredibly valuable to me. In addition, there are friendships I formed among my classmates and professors that are part of my life.

What work do you do now?

I work at Southern Glazer’s Wine & Spirits as Executive Vice President for Government Affairs.  In addition, I serve on the board of SGWS. SGWS is the company that was formed by the merger of Southern Wine & Spirits and Glazer’s in 2016.

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